Current projects


Seed production business in the Khabarovsk Region, launched in 2018. Sporos is engaged in the growth and production of high-quality soybean and grain seeds. The company built the largest and most modern seed plant in the Far East of Russia. The current land bank of the Company is over 10,000 ha devoted mostly to seed growing. Sporos closely cooperates with all research institutes of the Far East for sourcing local seed varities. Former greenfield project successfully carried out by Olympia Capital from idea stage to operating business.


A grain growing enterprise in Zabaikalskiy Region with a focus on exporting its products to China, started in 2018. The company grows rapeseed (main crop), as well as barley, oats, wheat, flax. The current land bank exceeds 50,000 ha, of which more than 15,000 ha was cultivated in 2020, and in the future the Company will increase its size to 150,000 ha. A European investor with extensive experience in agriculture co-invested in the Company in 2020. Former greenfield project successfully carried out by Olympia Capital from idea stage to operating business.

Mining industry

     Current projects

Azarga Metals

Azarga Metals owns the Unkur copper-silver deposit in Zabaikalsky region of eastern Russia.  Olympia organized an international investor consortium,  which acquired the license via a state auction,  listed the license holding entity on the Toronto Stock Exchange (CVE: AZR) and has lead two additional capital raises among Russian,  Asian and North American investors to fund the successful exploration programme at Unkur, which has proven do be a world class deposit

Orsu Metals

Orsu Metals owns the Sergeevskoe gold deposit in Zabaikalsky region of eastern Russia.  Olympia organized an investment consortium, which acquired the license via a state auction, raised additional funds to initiate an exploration programme of the deposit and exchanged the license holding entity into shares of a publicly listed company – Orsu Metals (CVE: OSU), becoming it’s largest shareholder. In 2020 Orsu Metals successfully began production of gold.

     Completed projects

Alekseevskoe Deposit

The license was acquired at state auction jointly with the shareholders of the Klyuchevskoye gold deposit (Sun Group). A stake in the project was sold to the partners ahead of their deal with China Gold.

Dyrovatka Deposit

Deposit of gold-bearing ore with a resource of 18 tons of gold. The license was acquired at state auction. Geological exploration work was carried out and the resource size was determined. The license was sold to a strategic investor - Solway Group.

Consumer industries

     Current projects

Asia Finance Group

Asia Finance is a platform in India for microfinance and investments in the purchase of overdue unsecured debt The project went through several stages of attracting funding and, despite the pandemic, has already reached the break even point. Olympia worked with the founder from the very beginning, assisting in the strategy development phase and fundraising in each round Olympia is also an investor in the company and participates in its current activities through the Board of Directors.

     Completed projects

Burger King Russia

The company is the exclusive master franchise holder for Burger King restaurants in Russia.  The chain currently numbers over 700 locations in Russia,  which have been opened over the past 8 years.  Olympia held a minority stake in the business,  as a result of having organized the underlying transaction between Burger King Corp.,  VTB Capital (the financial investor) and Alexander Kolobov (the operating partner) in 2012. The stake was sold to one of the company's shareholders in 2018.