• Olympia Capital is an asset management and merchant banking group specializing in three distinct lines of business:
  • Private equity investments (Olympia Capital)
  • Quantitative trading (Olympia Investments)
  • M&A advisory and capital raising (Olympia Merchant Banking)
  • Olympia Capital was formed in 2011 by Denis Tsesarenko and Vladimir Pakhomov, both senior investment professionals previously at Access Industries (Leonard Blavatnik’s holding company) and ONEXIM (Mikhail Prokhorov’s holding company), respectively
  • The firm’s founding partners have worked together or side-by-side for 17 years
  • They jointly have over 40 years of transaction and private equity experience
  • The group was joined in 2012 by Denis Pakhomov to co-head Olympia Investments, the quantitative/algorithmic trading business, and in 2013 - Olympia Merchant Banking started work as a separate transaction-oriented business vertical
  • In our private equity practice, we primarily focus on the following industries, in which we have amassed significant expertise:
  • Agriculture, mining and retail/consumer
  • Our advisory business is pillared on our partners’ long and successful deal making track record
  • We have been involved in over 50 buy/sell side transactions totalling over $20 billion
  • …including (but not limited to) transactions in the consumer sector, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, agriculture and IT

Olympia Capital Group’s three lines of business:

Olympia Capital Headed by Denis Tsesarenko

  • Investment of our partners’ and co-investors’ capital into unique private equity assets with a view on obtaining a meaningful equity stake and operating role for Olympia Capital in such cases
  • Various hands-on functions involving operations and development of the portfolio companies
  • Long term strategic planning to maximize value and exit options
  • All companies are co-owned with experienced strategic partners
  • 6 assets in portfolio

Olympia Investments Headed by Vladimir Pakhomov and Denis Pakhomov

  • Investment of capital on discretionary basis
  • Quantitative/algorithmic trading of primarily US-listed public securities
  • Team of 8 mathematicians/physicists, with 3 Ph.D.’s
  • 7 years in development,  6 years of trading

Olympia Merchant Banking Headed by Evgeny Michurin

  • Provision of broad spectrum of services to client companies from capital raising to deal execution to strategic development
  • Preparation of target companies for future transactions – business restructuring, review of strategic alternatives,  etc.
  • Blend of investment banking and private equity management functions with equity-linked compensation tied to long term success of client companies, where applicable